January 15th, 2003

The gentleman is always properly dressed

You see a turkey fryer, I see an outdoor brewing kit

Last night was the homebrew "planning session" with clayrobeson. I like to call it that, but really it was just the two of us kicking around ideas and occasionally going wide-eyed over ales made out of mandrake root or agave sap. There was also a fair amount of laughing over a nineteenth century recipe that calls for an ounce and a quarter of nutmeg, but requires 100 gallons of molasses. (You try to scale that one down to reasonable, kitchen-sized proportions.) In spite of having found a source for heather tops ("What the hell do you use heather tops for?"), I don’t think there’s any deliberate plan to make beer that tastes like pot. Even Pablo thought that one was a little odd.

The bigger news though... I got to try the barleywine Clay brewed last summer (finally) and have to say that I was duly impressed. It has a rich, full flavor with a noticeable sweetness that is just slightly offset with a bitter finish. I’m still marveling over how such a simple process can produce something so good.
The gentleman is always properly dressed


The other night, mudguts mentioned this picture in a phone conversation. "It’s a little weird," he said.

"Yeah? How so?"

"She looks like she’s an evil sorceress about to cast a spell on someone..."

I laughed. "Well, yeah... that was kind of the point. I wanted to post something that conveyed what I was talking about, and when I found that image, I thought it was near perfect. I wanted it to convey that much power"
The gentleman is always properly dressed

"From the wine comes truth. From the goat comes cheese."

The Commonwealth of Cabeça da Cabra
Do vinho vem a verdade. Da cabra vem o queijo.
UN Category: Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Fragile
Political Freedoms: Good
Location: Himalayas

The Republic of Cabeca da Cabra is a tiny, safe nation, remarkable for its devotion to social welfare. Its compassionate population of 5 million are fiercely patriotic and enjoy great social equality; they tend to view other, more capitalist countries as somewhat immoral and corrupt.

The government -- a sprawling, bureaucracy-choked, socially-minded morass -- concentrates mainly on Social Welfare, although Education and Healthcare are on the agenda. The average income tax rate is 42%, but much higher for the wealthy. A very small private sector is dominated by the Information Technology industry.

Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown. Cabeca da Cabra's national animal is the goat, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the queijo.

Build your own here.
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