March 28th, 2003

The gentleman is always properly dressed

In Memoriam

Red: Hey there, Midge. Kitty, uh, insisted I bring this over to show our sorrow because of your loss.

Bob: Aw, thanks, Red. We were all sitting around reminiscing about our dear departed cat, Mr. Bonkers J. Pinciotti.

Midge: Do you have a story you wanna share, Red?

Red: Okay. Well, I remember he used to come into my yard, and uh... and uh... you know, I’d uh... throw a bucket at him or... spray him with the hose. And he’d run away. Then he’d come back. I’d do it again! [He smiles] I guess you... you could say we kinda had our own thing. [He gets teary eyed.] Wow. Okay, enjoy the casserole.

[Red turns around and leaves quickly.]

From That 70’s Show, "Kiss of Death”

Goodbye, Cat. You had the best name ever.
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The gentleman is always properly dressed

Brew for Peace!

I’d very much like to go to the rally tomorrow on the Commons, but I’ve already made plans. Early this week, clayrobeson and I decided to get together tomorrow to multitask. We’re going ahead with the PC pickup I rescheduled from last week, grabbing something to eat, and then delving once again into the world of homebrew. There’s mead to be bottled, and in spite of the Great Mugwort Flood of ’03 and resultant trauma, he’s going forward with the plans to brew a banana ale, remarkable for its seemingly improbable amount of mashed fruit. It will be a good day, but I'm just a little torn.

To an extent, I’ve already reconciled myself with the idea of not going to the protest. In some ways, I’m accomplishing some of same things I would have wanted to accomplish had I gone in town. I will be engaging in an activity that is messy, a little chaotic, and decidedly outside of the norm, and in the end we will be making a statement in the creation something beautiful.

I do think that public demonstrations of dissent are becoming increasingly important as we’re faced with sending another 120,000 troops to the Gulf amidst concessions that we hadn’t anticipated this level of resistance and new concerns about our ability to maintain a prolonged engagement. (Curiously, the Iraqi people didn’t welcome us with fruity umbrella drinks... could it be that they don’t buy Dubya’s "liberation" rhetoric either?)

I will add my voice, but not tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my own private little act of rebellion.
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