July 11th, 2003

Road Warrior Diaries

Our route through the badlands

I share this with you in the event that we are abducted by aliens, pick up a hitchiker who's got a great idea for a 7-minute workout tape, or are otherwise lost and never heard from again. This is where you can tell the authorities to start looking...

7/11 Lake Ariel, PA
7/12 State College, PA
7/13 Terre Haute, IN
7/14 Columbia, MO
7/15 Edmond, OK
7/16 Santa Fe, NM Albequerque, NM
7/17 Phoenix, AZ
7/18 Sunnyvale, CA
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    Pixies, "Here Comes Your Man"
Road Warrior Diaries

Tom Petty was right...

... the waiting is the hardest part.

In other news, because of unforeseen packitudinousness, we'll be picking up a second truck once we hit Missouri. With just a crossbow and a couple of juiced whackos on motorbikes, we'll be unstopable.

Red America, fear us.
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    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "The Waiting"