July 14th, 2003

Road Warrior Diaries

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Terre Haute, IN
Well, we made it across the wilds of Ohio with little trouble, though not without lodging an official complaint to the authorities who govern the state. (We peed on a fence at a prolonged stop.) After crossing the Appalachians in Western PA, the OH landscape seemed utterly unremarkable, and the drivers who surrounded us made the experience less than pleasant overall.

The only notable occurence in the traverse was a huge accident outside of Akron that held traffic up enough that people were escaping the highway by backtracking up an onramp (a maneuver that seemed as dangerous as it was unlikely.) It also gave us enough time to lodge the aforementioned complaint and write on the pavement with chalk. The accident itself involved a semi flatbed, several cars, and a winnebago that had been reduced to a debris pile recognizable only as a chassis with an attached easy-chair (we think it was the driver's seat.) It looked like it had exploded like the Humongous and his truck.

We had missed being part of this mess by all of 5-10 minutes.

It made for a long day.

It was good to see wisdom_seeker and relax after our fourteen hour drive and a day of trucking all over State College seeking out all of Clay's friends from college. This morning, we scavenge breakfast and then hit the road.