August 10th, 2003

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Odd bits

I was driving around today in the midst of running errands when the sky darkened and the scent of the promise of fresh rain hit my nose. I looked out of my sunroof and decided that I would drive around until the sky opened up for me. At that precise moment, the downpour began. As I scrambled to close my windows and get the roof shut, I realized that it was the second time in recent memory that I could say "I am become the storm."


Yesterday, I finally got a box for my clay tools (along with some other odds and ends.) I was looking at it and thinking that what it really needs is some personalization. Something along the lines of a sumo wrestler or a gun-toting monkey or something. I'm on a total skateboard aesthetic for some reason. I wonder if I can find an X-Treme Pottery sticker. I think it'd be funny.
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