October 31st, 2003

The gentleman is always properly dressed

On avoiding things that make me happy

The iron pour at MassArt last night left me with a lot to process. I suspect I’ll be writing about that later.

For now, let me just say that I desperately need to get back into the studio. Ideally, this would mean getting my ass into the Mudflat Studios for the next semester, but I'll happily settle for another stint with BCAE if need be. Checking their website, it looks like there's an "independent study" section starting next Wednesday with their resident Japanese pottery specialist, so I may see if I can't get in on that. I may also try to score the Mudflat tuition from my folks for X-mas. Mom wanted to get me one big gift, and as much as I’d like a camera, I think this might be more important.

I think I'm going to run down to BCAE with a box shortly so I can collect some of my pieces that have been sitting on shelves since my hiatus. Well, hopefully... I know that there was a strong move to clean out the studio when I was last in, so there is an outside possibility that my first two sake jars were unceremoniously disposed of. It would make me sad, but like many things that have gone wrong recently, it would because I wasn't paying proper attention. Mea culpa.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Gud Nooz, Bad Nooz

The Good
Both sake jars and the bowl I threw just to prove to myself that the form was not beyond me (my first couple of bowls were super heavy) were still kicking around on the shelves. They have been retrieved. Only one is finished. The other two have been bisqued and will need to be glazed and fired sometime relatively soon.

The Bad
Most everything else has been "cleaned" in the covert ops sense of the word. This includes the well-formed but questionably-glazed pots I was thinking about refiring, a greenware piece I had hoped to finish, and the donut vase. There's probably other stuff as well, but I'm not wanting to think about it just yet.

Final Evaluation
I lost a fair amount of my work, but I had reconciled myself to the loss of most of it already since I made glazing mistakes with them. That the sake jars were saved counts for a lot, and I think that I'll be fine with the idea of starting again. It will just be a little while and then I can plunge headlong into this as is fitting. No more fits and starts with this. I need it.
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