November 19th, 2003

The gentleman is always properly dressed

On having empty carboys

I think I'll be brewing a steam beer tomorrow night after I help S2 move a couch into their new place. For those who aren't familiar, steam beer is a malty, agressively hopped offering made with lager yeast that are fermented at ale temperatures, then cold conditioned prior to bottling. I think the storage areas under the eaves of my house now remain cool enough for the secondary, and I want to give this a run before I try to make a bock for the spring. Really, I just want to have something working and this seems to be a good project.

Sometime in between the holidays, I'll organize another major gathering (perhaps with a tasting?) where we can brew something dark and perhaps even the whole hive mead I keep threatening.

Update: Well, not so much update as addendum, and that for a specific reader... c_m_i, this is the page I mentioned in passing that sells oak products for conditioning. It looks like the bourbon oaking is something we'll have to do in secondary, but it does seem to have promise.
The wheel will shape me

There's got to be a better way

I have class tonight, but must confess that today has left me so drained that I'm not sure I want to go. I'm tired and irritable and my eyes and hands and back hurt from the Information Ministry work* I've been doing all frickin' day.

I don't mind hard work, but this goes beyond that. I've been walking away from the office feeling used up. Nothing good can come of that.

*On redacting: Thanks to the latest interpretation of HIPAA requirements, all material being released to the press now looks a lot like reports released by the FBI. It's amazing how many pages I can go before something more significant than a series of "and"s finds it's way past blacking out.
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