December 10th, 2003

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Self-indulgence's end

Ok folks I need your help.

It has officially become time to return to fighting weight (even if I don't return to fighting.) I'm going to take the necessary steps to make it happen, but it will likely be a long and not entirely painless process. I need to ask first that you poke me every once in a while to see if I'm being honest. Then, I'm thinking that I need to find someone to hit the gym with.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Empty carboys should be filled with love.

So it looks like there will be a brewing of jlervine's double chocolate oatmeal stout sometime during the weekend of December 20. We haven't set a hard date yet, so if you're interested in being part of the project, make your voice heard. Beer Brewing Monkeys, ARISE!

And, just to make things interesting, maybe we can do a tasting as well? I've a small assortment I'd be willing to donate to the cause.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Seems I'm down with the sickness

I just spoke with my doctor because I'm about to end my course of antibiotics and I'm still feeling run down and coughing a fair amount. She asked if I thought I'd benefit from another week's rest and offered to set me up with a note (a doctor's note) ordering partial days.

I'm already so far behind that I couldn't refuse fast enough. I do think it's interesting that pneumonia carries such gravity. That, and it gives me reason to be a little more forgiving of my relative lack of focus. I'm going to keep taking care of myself and not push too hard to be magnificent.

Did I mention that Dr. P is really cute? I thought not.
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The wheel will shape me


As it turns out, next week is my last class in this session of BCAE ceramics. Between missing two nights to illness and having the studio closed because of holidays, functions, or inclement weather, I have had enough time to make exactly three pieces this session.

I'll never get rich at this rate.

Mudflat's enrollment happened today, and they've apparently been hit with such a wave of students that their classes filled up in a little over fifteen minutes. That's right... an arts program that sold out as quickly as some concerts. Boggles. Pottery must be the new blue. Next step is to poke my head into the new studio that opened in West Medford Square.

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