January 23rd, 2004

Killing Buddha

Choose your own adventure

You have returned to your car to discover that through an unfortunate oversight you left your lights on a full twelve hours. Of course, now you are faced with a dead battery. Because you are prepared for just such an eventuality, you have jumper cables with you, but now must find a kind soul who will take a moment to assist you. You approach two men, one of whom will take a moment to help you, the other who will offer an unsolicited explanation as to why he cannot.

Poll #237560 The Good Samaritan

Which man do you choose?

The middle aged white collar professional who drives an Audi A4
The barrel-chested workman who drives a Dodge Ram truck

What excuse do you think that the person you did not choose would offer as to why he could not help?

BONUS: Do you think the response would be different based on the sex of the motorist in need of aid?


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