February 17th, 2004

Killing Buddha

In case you're a MA voter or otherwise have interest

Word from the Hill is that timbre of the debate over the sex marriage amendment wasn't centered on whether the proposal would pass, but rather how it should be worded. In other words, there is a very real possibility that when the constitutional convention reconvenes next month, there will have been enough time to present a draft of something that is acceptable to a majority of the legislators, or at least enough time to cut deals with swing votes such that they will lend their support to a compromise proposal.

If you care about this at all, this is the time to write your state reps. If you need assistance finding yours, let me know.
The wheel will shape me

Remains of the day

One of the advantages to living in the Eastern US is the presence of remains of the transportation canal network from the early days of the American industrial revolution. Actually, I should say that it’s a little known advantage because it’s pretty rare that I to find someone that knows that they existed, much less where the remains can be found.

The canals linked production centers to coastal centers via a system of horse-drawn barges. Unfortunately, they were not proven to be either very profitable or efficient, and as a result eventually became the Beta to the railroads’ VHS. For me, they were one of those historical sidebars that never fully registered until I saw actual proof. Proof came when I stumbled on the remains of one the Middlesex Canal locks not far from where I live. Since, I’ve become rather fascinated in the ruins, partly because they present a tactile history that have mostly been forgotten, partly because there is a strange romance to good ideas that didn’t quite turn out as well as expected.

Not to mention that they give me an excuse to stomp around in the woods from time to time.

On Saturday, I unexpectedly found the remains of a canal aqueduct as I was driving around outside of the town of Harvard. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to place the structure on one of the canals that I know about. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that I don’t have a clear sense of where I was at beyond, "I’m pretty sure that this is too far west to be the Middlesex."

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Beer Brewing Monkeys of Borneo

Old timey sasparilla

If all goes according to plan, and assuming that we have a reasonable facsimile of the necessary herbs in time, the headliner for Sunday's brewing session will be genuine, old-fashioned, homemade root beer. The second brew is still TBA, but I am leaning towards trying my hand at a Belgian Tripel. Can you resist the call of the mysteries of non-alcoholic drinks paired with Belgian decadence and sexy cheese?

More seriously, if you can make it, please do come. I could really use the company.