March 12th, 2004

The wheel will shape me

Back in bowl(s)

Somehow, I managed to get back into the BCAE studio. I have to say that they don’t make it terribly easy. I got bumped out of two classes before I finally found an open slot. Even then, I had to call into the membership office (I will not do online reg. again) and fire possibilities off to the staff rather than having alternatives suggested. And when I showed up last night, they had run out of the clay I’ve been using. Damn sloppy.

So, armed with ten pounds of white clay that feels and works a little like cream cheese, I got back on the wheel again. It’s another beginner’s class, but it looks like Darrell is going to be able to send enough refinements and new techniques in my direction that I’ll be learning a fair amount. He’s also given me leave to stay through his later class if I want. Unlike the registration process, this is superb.

A few random things:
- I ran into Kim (an instructor) and Lisa (the head shop gnome), and both seemed genuinely happy to see me. Kim said she was disappointed the independent study got cancelled because she’d miss me, but thought that Darrell’s is a good class for me to be in. Lisa is apparently on track for a position at Mass Art, which may serve well if I decide I want to go that route.

- Wayne was kicking around last night as well, and when Darrell asked if I would prefer the brown clay, Wayne piped in after I declined to say, "Yeah, he’ll be fine... he’s a good thrower and should be able to adapt well." That was cool.

- There’s a hot grade school teacher in my class. There have been hot grade school teachers in every class I’ve been in. I’m beginning to think that there’s some kind of cosmic balance at work here. If so, it sure beats the Just when I think I’ve got something going, something comes along to throw a wrench in it influence that has dogged me to now.

Now, if I can get my pacing back...