April 13th, 2004


I'm going to stab someone in the throat

So, I get to come up with stupid amounts of money (to the tune of $5-6k) to pay to our government because The Toubles have resurfaced to throw me another curve. Worse, the delicate financial balance I have managed has largely been shattered.

I'm likely looking at a second job just to cover my new governmental tithe.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

In all seriousness

I need ideas for what I can do to pull myself out of this financial hell that do not involve faking my death or male prostitution selling organs. I'm talking big picture here, not just the G's I need to come up with to satisfy the hungry maw of the IRS.

As a side note, it's humbling to know your price to the dollar, and a more than a little disappointing to learn just how little that is.