July 15th, 2004

The wheel will shape me


No, I’ve not found religion on you. Ok, well maybe. There are times I have such an intense reaction to a piece of art that it can seem almost visceral. I can feel the joy or awe or fear that the work inspires physically. I feel a tingling on my skin, or the hair on my nape rise. Here is work that has expressed the ineffable. There is a presence in it, a spirit perhaps, that speaks to me so profoundly that for a moment, life seems hardly able to contain itself.

I just got that feeling while reading an interview with Julie Taymor. An interview. Gods, but this woman is brilliant.

I've promised myself I’m going to start making decisions based on what I think she would do. In case you’re worried, this isn’t some misguided impulse of fandom. Rather, it stems from the simple fact that her thoughts and her works inspire me. She is someone who has found her voice, and as I take my first steps towards finding mine, it feels right to nurture similar impulses in me.