August 3rd, 2004

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Really, I'm not crazy

I went to visit a friend at the hospital yesterday, and while I was in the waiting room, I found a copy of Mother Jones magazine from May/June, 2003. The issue included an article about civilian military contractors, something I had talked with Burke and Michele about not too long ago. Just in case you were curious about what a "civilian security consultant" looks like, this isn't a bad place to start.

Because they operate with little oversight, using contractors also enables the military to skirt troop limits imposed by Congress and to carry out clandestine operations without committing U.S. troops or attracting public attention. "Private military corporations become a way to distance themselves and create what we used to call 'plausible deniability,'" says Daniel Nelson, a former professor of civil-military relations at the Defense Department's Marshall European Center for Security Studies. "It's disastrous for democracy."
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The gentleman is always properly dressed

Captive Lepidoptera

I cheated. I went to a butterfly house in western MA for these shots. Instead of being on an exciting photo safari1, it was more like being at a zoo, only much smaller and with free roaming and not at all dangerous beasties. Except for the many crazy little people2. They were dangerous as ever, and maybe more so for the enclosed space.

I was excited to sit down and identify the lot until I discovered that they had thrown me a curve. Their collection includes species from outside of North America3, which I couldn’t accept until I accidentally found a picture of the Great Orangetip online. At any rate, enjoy...

Great Orangetip (Hebomoia glaucippe)

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1It’s exciting because of the danger!
2No, not midgets... children.
3Any that are North American and still not ID'ed are just indicative of my being horribly scattered lately. Give a holler if you know.