April 12th, 2005

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Raise your eyes

Dear Overzealous Rent-a-Cop Security Consultant:

I am pleased to announce that I have taken photos of the building you are charged with protecting. Initially, I acquiesced to your objections based on what you deemed to be necessary for "security," but upon further reflection, I returned and got the shots. Though I could appreciate your concerns if I was attempting to shoot on premises, I am unaware that you possess the authority to prohibit me from using my camera while I am standing on a public thoroughfare.

In retrospect, I wish I had managed to get a picture of you while enraged at my failure to comply with your demands. That would have been sweet.

What makes me sad about the whole affair is that when I explained what I was looking at and what I was doing, you just stood there, incapable of seeing and utterly uncomprehending. In an instant, it was clear that you had never looked up at the building you work in every day. And while I commend you for the professionalism that your single line of thought and bullheadedness suggests, I am very sorry that it came at the price of your curiosity.

Beer Brewing Monkeys of Borneo


I forgot to mention that Pablo and I bottled last night, and that I was struck with the casual efficiency and speed with which we put away five gallons of nigh-on beer. The whole process seemed fluid and easy, something to be done without a great deal of thought. Cleaning and sterilizing is still painful, mostly for want of a) a bottle tree and b) a second faucet, and one of these can be remedied. Regardless, it seemed like a watershed moment.

Sunday's brew was my first mini-mash, which entails actively drawing sugars from the grain as opposed to relying solely on extract. I'm not sure that I managed to reach full starch conversion, but I can say conceptually, mashing doesn't seem that out of reach any longer. I also managed the process solo... which I chalk up to the short notice and the promise of Bill Murray flicks in place of the usual cheesy HKAT fare.

More one than the other...