June 15th, 2005

The gentleman is always properly dressed

A couple more stories before the boys return home

I can totally phase through matter.
Scooter saw an early morning opportunity to make friends with a neighbordog by heading straight through the chainlink fence separating them. He proceeded to stick his nose through a link but quickly realized that the rest of his body was too large to follow it. He began to panic when his teeth had hooked onto the fence and prevented him from easily pulling away. After several tense seconds of biting and whining, he freed himself, much wiser for the experience.

Dude looks like a woobie!
Tinkles went nuts later that day when he saw a dog across the street that was small, white, and bore an uncanny resemblance to the toys the boys have been tossing about my apartment. With a few good solid jerks, he pulled his head straight out of his collar (Sam, have a look at these...) and rushed across the street to torment the nice lady and her dog. She yanked YoYo into her arms and Tinkles circled around her nipping at the dog's bum. Not to be outdone, the still-leashed Scooter ran after Tinkles barking. It wasn't until after I had subdued Tinkles that I noticed that my fellow dogwalker had been effectively immobilized by the lead wrapped around her legs. Good times, good times.

Guess who likes leftovers?
Suffice to say that I don't have to worry about taking out the garbage from the weekend.

In all seriousness, they're good dogs overall. You've just had the joy of sharing their adventures for the week.

The bunnies on the other hand have armed themselves with bladed weapons and are threatening to totally flip out and kill someone if they don't get more collards.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Poking at my inertia

Because even if you're not, I'm tired of listening to myself moan about things I can't control and complain about things I can...

blahblahblah I hate my job blahblahblah
blahblahblah my finances are a mess blahblahblah
blahblahblah I'm lonely blahblahblah
blahblahblah somebody does something better than me blahblahblah
blahblahblah I'm overweight blahblahblah
blahblahblah I'm scared of stuff blahblahblah
Blahblahblah etc. Blahblahblah

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

NOTE: Upon further reflection, I thought it would be useful to clarify that this is in no way meant to imply annoyance or impatience with anyone else. I'm in need of a kick in the pants, and noting that I'm prone to actionless grousing seemed to be valuable in some way. I do understand that complaint happens, and it's best to have friends with whom to comiserate. What I don't want is to reach a point where complaint is what defines me or how I'm thought of.

Anyways, I'm ok. How are you?