August 17th, 2005

Beer Brewing Monkeys of Borneo

Stay back! I have powers!

So, the kölsh... After bottle conditioning and being chilled, it's quite lovely. The spiciness of the hops has mellowed quite a lot, and in its place there are hints of fruit, maple, and vanilla. I want to serve it with poached pears just to watch friends' eyes roll back in their heads.

In short, J-, I've brewed the kölsch I attempted to recommed to you.
Le théâtre de l'absurde

It comes around

According to NPR, researchers have identified a "flattening" of the demand for American products in foreign markets. The primary reasons cited were:

1) Increased competition from foreign products; and
2) A distrust of American values and policies abroad.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

That was... odd

Rounding the corner onto Lafayette Place, I saw a funkified brother listening to an ipod and doing what looked like a stylized slow-walk toward me. Then, I realized that everything I saw was moving slowly, but as soon as I began to contemplate this peculiar perception, it all shifted back to normal.