September 23rd, 2005



I have always operated under the assumption that it's far easier to throw together an "extreme" brew than it is to create a balanced and interesting common beer. This is an underlying philosophical point I've discussed before and will likely revisit. Suffice to say that when I'm attempting to determine whether a brewer has a handle on the craft I'm far more likely to look to their pale ale instead of their bourbon-oak aged coffee stout or their 200 minute boil triple imperial IPA . It's not that I'm against big, experimental beer. It's just that I think that they tend to be more forgiving since you can reliably assume that the palate will be sufficiently overwhelmed that almost any taster who generally likes the style will leave with a warm fuzzy feeling. A lot of offerings have started to feel seriously gimmicky.

On the other hand, there are enough commercial brewers that are cutting corners to boost profits or save work that I've no concept why a hobbyist who is brewing his own would skimp on quality ingredients for a big beer because they're "a waste of money." Given that we're not able to duplicate the economy of scale that even a small brewpub can muster, the entire craft is arguably "a waste of money" even before our time is factored in. In for a penny and all.

Incidentally, I'm overtired and cranky today. If people keep honking me off, I'm going to start posting gratuitous pics of my stitches.

On the upside, we got a call about some alleged voodoo practitioners. Talk of chickens and curses seriously trumps the call from the Hollywood production assistant who was conducting research. I mean seriously... CHICKENS!

The weekend has turned out to be pretty full, and I'm happy for it. This is the last weekend before the roommate moves, and I'm anticipating that the house will be relatively chaotic, especially since we're going into the weekend with virtually no prep on his part. He's effectively packing up his life at this apartment in the course of seven days. My suspicion is that unwanted things will just be abandoned where they lie and any sort of cleaning will be the stuff of fables and lore. If that's the case, next weekend will be incredibly busy as well. Truth be known, I've things of my own that I need to get in order.

Le théâtre de l'absurde

H. Rider Haggard I'm not

It was fantastic. I got out of work early and slid over to the Coolidge to check out what was what, and when I got there, I saw that Slow Food Revolution was also being shown with Sweet Soil, a short film about four family farms in western MA. Then I noticed that the makers of Sweet Soil were going to be at the showing. "Huh," I thought, "This could turn into a real event." As I pondered this, I read further to discover that there would be a slow food reception after the films.

"How delightful!" I thought. "Perhaps I'll buy tickets now to avoid what's surely going to be a crush!"

It wasn't long before I was told that there would be no crush because the show was already sold out. I made a hasty call to V to let her know that the evening would look curiously different that we had planned. Then, I went to New England Comics where I made even more fantastic discoveries!

First, I learned that New England Comics was in the midst of a huge sale. Everything in the store was 20-50% off!

Then, I learned that I am not sufficiently geek enough to shop at New England Comics because they insist on sorting by publisher (I think?) as opposed to something sane like author or title. I did stumble across a Courtney Crumrin one-shot, but I was at a complete loss to find anything else.

Now, at this point, you're probably thinking, "But Peter, all you needed to do was ask and the friendly sales gnome would have assisted you." While it's true that the friendly sales gnome undoubtedly has an encyclopedic knowledge of every item in the store, it is because of circumstances that led to my most amazing discovery yet that I did not approach him. I Discovered that I very much wanted to do a voice post. In that fine establishment, purveyor of all manner of geekery, I had a moment that inspired the perfect words to gift to you good people. Those words were:

Nothing says you care like cosplay bowling for charity.

I would share with you exactly what transpired to make these words form in my fevered brain, but I fear it would be too far horrible for you to contemplate. Suffice to say that under no circumstances should any of the people who spoke of this cosplay be dressed as the anime characters they were discussing. While bowling. For charity. (At least once a month)

Once I escaped, I did meet up with V for a perfectly lovely dinner where I likely spoke too much. I've no idea why I'm quite so chatty as I am tonight, but there's no sense fighting it.

With that, however, I bid you good night. Ta.

#20 - "We Hardly Knew Ya"