October 18th, 2005

The gentleman is always properly dressed

A brief thought splashes on the surface, there is a flash of color, and then all is quiet again

It occurs to me that the majority of my creative endeavors tend to be about turning useful things into other useful things. I mention this because from time to time I really do wish that I had talent enough to draw, paint, or even write. I'd like to be able to summon entirely new worlds from nothing. Yeah, I'm aware that there are fanciful and probably escapist elements that're feeding this, but I keep coming back to this idea. There are times when I see the art of others and am so awed by it that I feel very, very small. I want to be able to conjure experience.

Probably the closest I come is photography, but a) I recognize that I'm a hack who's gotten lucky from time to time and b) even if I step away from the self-critique long enough to say otherwise, the best I can claim is that photography highlights something you might not otherwise have seen. This seems inherently different somehow. It's not like I'm capturing the essence of the subject or showing that which lies beneath. The process ends up feeling much more calculated and I dare say simplistic than that.

Yeah, I've no idea where I'm going with this. They're just thoughts that came to the surface when I found the Clichy animation.

Here are some koi. There's likely a connection.

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Mmmmmm 'splodey

Hey folks,

If you happen to pass a Samuel Smith 1/2 pint glass in your travels, please grab one for me. It was about my favorite glass and it met with an unfortunate incident tonight in the kitchen.