March 3rd, 2006

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Demotivational Fortune Cookies

A cow-orker and I went to Vinh-Sun Barbeque for lunch and were presented, as is customary with the end of a meal, with fortune cookies. The fortunes were not the typical inspirational platitudes or obvious observations, however.

Guido's read: You are surrounded by fortune hunters.

Mine: Enjoy what you have! Never mind fame and power.
Beer Brewing Monkeys of Borneo

Northwest "Belgiwine"

As we were making plans for the CA, visit, Clay decided that we should brew, and that we should consider attempting to recreate the crazy Belgian Golden Ale that was one of our first joint projects. (Ok, truth be known, at that point, I was a spectator, still operating on a "Gee whiz!" level and not really having wrapped my mind around the whole brewing thing). The thing is, the recipe for the Golden has been lost to posterity since the record of what went into it were redeemed as part of a store promotion. Yes, our receipt was our recipe and our log.

At any rate, I started tinkering and decided to take a slightly different approach. Rather than a Belgian that was up-malted, I thought it would be interesting to craft an American barleywine that had some characteristics borrowed from the low country ales. It's light in color, richly malty, and hopped relatively conservatively with the thought of bringing out citrus overtones. I had hoped to score some orange-blossom honey, but the wildflower that we used brought a great aroma with it. Collapse )