March 13th, 2006

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Little French Rye Loaves

French rye loaves

These were kind of fun. They began with a porridge made from rye flour, honey and water that got left out overnight. The next morning, this was mixed with wheat flour and then kneaded out. The dough was separated into two loaves, and then both were baked in a single bread pan. Such a crazy idea, but it makes adorable product.

I got some great carmelization this time around, but I'm still having some issues with my seams. I think I'll be looking into rolling and sealing techniques over the coming week.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Here's something...


This is a cameraphone shot of the sheer stage curtain used in Cirque's Corteo. I thought I had lost this when I snapped the phone shut after being reminded that photos were not permitted under the big top. (I had no intention of shooting during performance, but I didn't think there'd be a problem with grabing a pic of the stage. Mea culpa.) At lunch, I was browsing through images that my phone had stored and actively felt my jaw drop when I came upon this.