April 4th, 2006

Beer Brewing Monkeys of Borneo

Roustie II - Aroused!

Given another twelve hours, the Burton really finds its groove. In the standard 5 gallon carboy, a good portion of the bloom would be finding its way out through the blowoff. In the 6, there's just enough head space for the more violent stages of the ferment to take place without too much fuss.

4/5/06 ETA: Well, normally there's not too much fuss... This ferment appears to be particularly active, and last night saw a big yeast blow into the overflow. No harm done, but it did make me glad that I'm still using a blowoff tube instead of relying solely on airlocks. If it's calm by this evening, I'll be switching to a clean airlock filled with cheap vodka.
The Epicure

Home Cookin'

Last night turned out to be far too dreary to fire up the Sputnik. When I got home, it was raining, which led me to decide that the weather was conspiring to deprive us of charred meat, one of the few clear benefits of DST. Having thawed some pork ribs and not wanting to be shown up just because of rain, we fired up the broiler, got some North Carolina rub on the meat, and got to cookin'.

This would be a pretty straightforward process save for the fact that one of the ribs was about twice the size of all the others. Even these were pretty impressive, but the odd one was easily two inches of rib meats to a side and so took a little extra handling. After the first few were pulled having proven themselves done, the odd one remained behind to soak in some more heat. In spite of the lack of charcoal, they were pretty tasty. I will recommend Carolina treatment to most any kind of pork. Make sure to make up some vinegar sauce to go with. At any rate, while Pablo and I were enjoying our ribs, I noticed that there was smoke coming out of the front of the oven. Being the curious sort that I am, I got up to investigate.

I discovered fire.

What followed was a vaguely humorous flailing for the big sea salt container followed by the discovery that the meat itself had not been on fire, but may have benefitted from the flames licking at it around the edges. Instant unintentional barbecue. Extra seasoning optional.

We had to disable all three of the smoke alarms. We rock hard.