May 4th, 2006

The gentleman is always properly dressed

You know I just, I can't drink whiskey like I usetacould

Various areas in my office have been collecting their own bizarre nomenclature, which is worthy of mention only because this phenomenon never really occurred at our previous building.1 This struck me today as I entered The Rats' Warren, a cube farm on the third floor where Survey field staff set up when they're in the office. I was on my way to the end of Tech Alley, where the IT guys live, to drop off some stuff with our archivist. It doesn't end there. Complaints field staff have started refering to the largish and open multi-station room they occupy as The Bullpen. I spend most of my time in The Cooler (my actual office, which feels like it's refrigerated), unless I'm down in The Hotbox meeting with Management.2

I had someone email me today to ask what "Syncho de Mylo day" was. I kid you not. In response, I did the only thing someone in my position3 could. I asked her just who the hell this Milo cat was anyway, that everyone felt the need to toast him with cheap tequila shots and mediocre Tex-Mex.

$38.75 to fill my tank last night, folks. In case you've forgotten, I drive a GTI. Granted, I can go for a Very Long Time IndeedTM on the 13 gallons of liquid assets I bought, but I'm a little disturbed at having to shell out amounts that I used to laugh at SUV drivers over. I can only guess that those folks are now selling their youngest sons to white slavers to keep their land boats on the road at this point. I've been saying for years that we'd probably hit prices closer to what Europe pays for their petrol4 before it was over, but I can't say as I'm thrilled about its steady creep.

Thankfully we've our robust passenger rail system to fall back on. Right?

1Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, I had taken to calling our section apart on the 6th floor The Village of the Damned, but that never really fell into general use. This was primarily because almost no one ever came to the 6th floor, so there was no reason to refer to it.
2Ok, I'm being a bit fanciful. We don't really have a broken russian soldier in a wagon calling all the shots for us. That would be way too cool.
3I'm envisioning it a little like being a cat who has somehow caught a mole out in the open.
4Unless I'm mistaken, we're still hovering at about the half-way mark. That's staggering to think about, really.