August 1st, 2006

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Room available 9/1/06

I know a lot of you have heard, but I'm sharing again. At month's end, Pete will be moving out to start a brand new thing. I'm pretty happy for him, but it does leave me with the small problem of having to find another housemate for the fall. I'll likely be headed to a couple of eljay communities and craig's list with this, but I thought I'd check with you good folks to see if you knew anyone in or coming to the Boston Area who might need a place starting September 1. The apartment is two floors of a 3-story house that was built sometime in the 1830's. It's located a 5-10 minute walk from the 96 bus to Davis and Harvard Squares, and about that from any of the bus routes that fan out of Medford Square. For drivers, there is ample on-street parking with easy access to Rte. 93. Rent is $500 per month + utilities.

I'm happy to discuss the place at length. Drop me a line if you have a lead?
The gentleman is always properly dressed

Heat Miser

I'm a tad underwhelmed by the "heat emergency." Granted, I was only out for 30 minutes or so, but while I confess being happy that I don't have to work outside, I've been thinking the same thing since we first crested 90. Is it really significantly hotter than it's been for most of the summer?

Incidentally, this is of interest in part because there are a handful of people who have taken personal days because of the "emergency" for fear that straying out of air-conditioned homes long enough to get to their air-conditioned office will have them passing out in the street. Or something. I call shenanigans.