August 9th, 2006

The gentleman is always properly dressed

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The second refreshment left me with a wad of dough roughly the size of a baseball. Its scent is still more akin to beer than sourdough, but the taste seems to be moving in the right direction. It's out, presumably set to rise for the day, and assuming that the rise doesn't stall or otherwise fail, I'll be assembling the last bits needed to turn this into a proper loaf of bread. So far, the process has required nothing but whole wheat flour and water, but tonight we'll be switching off to bread flour, presumably for the extra gluten it brings to the party.1

If the rise doesn't happen properly, I'll be sad, but will probably give it another go with a slightly different technique.2 Wild yeast is supposed to be ubiquitous and fairly aggressive, so I'm working under the assumption that if I keep plugging away and trying different things, sooner or later I'll have myself a working culture. Heck, if this works right, I may go so far as to attempt a sour mash. It won't be a proper Flanders Red or Oud Bruin, but there might just be enough character in my neighborhood's microbial landscape to give it some interesting character of its own.

Here's to wishful thinking.


1This came unbidden, I swear. It leads me to the conclusion that I watch too much Alton Brown.
2True to form, I'm still fretting.

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Is it odd that immediately after I posted this in a photo community that has a "black and yellow" theme for the week that I started worrying that someone might assume that I might be being racist rather than simply focusing on the colors of the shot?

This worrying thing? It's getting a little old this week.