September 14th, 2006

The gentleman is always properly dressed

I've been trying to get some of this down since last Thursday

Whatever high that's been carrying me the past couple of weeks has mostly evaporated. In its place, I'm finding the low-grade depression/anxiety that seems to be my baseline standard. Sometimes it seems like doubt and self-recrimination are old, familiar friends; no matter how long we're apart, we can always take up right where we left off.

Voice In My Head: Hello my friends! Come in, come in! No, don't worry at all about taking off your Wellies. Just go on and track mud and whatnot throughout. It's my own fault for trying to muck the place out in the first place.

Needless to say, I've been in better moods. Over the past couple of days, I keep finding little things to piss me off, but nothing so much as the Mary Kate & Ashley Vampire Collection currently on display in Macy's windows. Nothing accessorizes with a cute black and white plaid mini like some black lace and a red crushed velvet jacket... except maybe a jaunty beret! Fall's new look: perky goth.

VIMH: Don't you think the things you obsess over are a little, you know, weird?


I've some things in the works that promise a pleasant distraction, at least. The peach wine is in primary, and I've high hopes for it. There are three gallons working this time, fermenting with a Riesling yeast strain. I've a friend coming into town, and there's Nouvelle Vague and possibly Cirque's Corteo in the immediate future.

VIMH: Still can't shake it, though, can you?

Gah, no.

I'd recommend finding a good Gruyere and having it around the house at all times. It's a versatile cheese that's as happy being served on it's own or grated for accent on most anything you can think of.

Also, I'd like your thoughts on papazan chairs.

Seriously, folks... sorry for making myself scarce.