May 1st, 2007

The gentleman is always properly dressed

May Iron Chef III

Looks like the consensus is that the 12th is the better idea, even though it looks to be shutting out one of our judges. We've also a request for a 3PM start, so I'm going to ask you folks to weigh in on that as well.

Currently, our lineup for the 12th is:

Judges: Craig, Tricia, Scotty, Johanna
Chefs: Bonnie, Ry, Pete, Michael, Justin, (Joe TBD)

The theme ingredient and a link to the standing ruleset will be posted by 8PM tonight. It's not quite a two week notice, but it should give plenty of time to plan and tinker.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

It's here.

By the middle of spring, it's hard not to let the mind stray to what the next season will hold. The longer days and warming weather bring us again and again to summer's promise. For me, nothing conveys the feel of summer's laziest days as a well fired grill and the seared goodness that it inevitably produces.

For May's battle, I've decided that our chefs will be asked demonstrate for us that simple is not necessarily easy. Our theme ingredient is common, widely defined, and open to a seemingly endless number of possibilities. Yes, grilling is one treatment, but not nearly the end of what might be done.

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