January 18th, 2008

The gentleman is always properly dressed


After a lively but much less interesting discussion over privacy concerns and the use of social security numbers as unique identifiers in one of our programs,1 I started talking about DIY foodstuff with one of our attorneys. This isn't uncommon for us. Since she found out that I make booze-ahol, she's happily sampled several of my brews and has since begun to grace me with her goat-cheese creations. She has gotten pretty intensely into cheese making. I mean, I'm happy enough thinking about the process and product, but she's gone a step further. She's taken to traveling to the source, and I don't mean heading out to a local dairy. She goes out to a local dairy to milk an animal with her own hands so she knows that the milk is as fresh as it possibly can be.

I confessed that my brewing has fallen off a bit, but that I had been intrigued recently by a recipe in The Food of France that called for pork and pistachio sausages. Operating under the assumption that such a thing will be nigh-on-impossible to find in the States, and knowing at least one other person who's starting to flirt with charcuterie, I'm kind of itching to try to put some together. And though K- describes herself as a bad vegetarian - she eats fish and fowl, and guiltily enjoys foie gras - she talked about the concept and process for home-cured saucisses as something that was just beautiful. I'm rather tempted to make her some duck confit2 for her enthusiasm alone.

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In other news, I apparently have a standing order for as much Queso Blanco I can craft.3


1Discussions about privacy in government offices are exactly as exciting as they sound.
2Not to be confused with Oxyconfit as suggested in recent guidelines issued by the VT DOH regarding the disposal of prescription meds: "Take unused, unneeded or expired prescription and over-the-counter drugs out of their original containers. MIX THE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS WITH an undesirable substance (for example, used kitty litter, coffee grounds, BACON FAT), and place the mixture into a sealable plastic bag or container and place it into the trash."
3I really need to get my hands on a press. Anyone with m4d sk177z want to help me build one?
Better as parody

Limited offer

If you're thinking about seeing Cloverfield, I have a deal for you and it will save you fully 50% of the ticket price. For $5.00, I will come to your house, pop a copy of The Blair Witch Project in your dvd player, and then alternately punch you in the gut and shake your head violently for an hour and a half.

Any proceeds will be used to fund my expedition to track down J.J. Abrams for the express purpose of clubbing him repeatedly with a cricket bat.

Yeah, it's that bad. Here's the big ending spoiler - there's a girl with snot running out of her nose whining about being 'so scared.' This film is rated FW for Feckin' Weak.