February 26th, 2008

The Epicure

Iron Chef: Announcement

I'm so glad to see new faces and new ideas brought into our friendly competition, and I'm reminded that we may be at a crossroads. The themes thus far have challenged and inspired our chefs, but I'm also aware that at least one - chili - was a world of pain that created grumblings which persist even a year later. I have heard you, and lest you start to think that we're going wrong, I have decided upon a theme that should be familiar to most anyone's kitchen. This event will feature an ingredient that can be served by the spoonful or incorporated into a strange brew of your making.

I've already given it away, but just so we're clear, our theme for March will be: Collapse )
Obey the HAND!

Iron Chef: Lest I start rubbing my temples

Folks, seriously...

Specific to this competition, I will say that cream in any of its forms should be acceptable.

That is to say that cultured cream (in its various forms) is just as acceptable as fresh cream (in its various forms). I left the theme and accompanying instruction broad specifically to limit attendant grumbling. I'm not terribly interested in arguing the point unless one of the judges takes issue.