March 10th, 2011

Road Warrior Diaries

The Pace is on a Runaway Train

As I had been warned by the two gents before me, beef is simultaneously precisely the same and a whole other thing altogether. Four ribs and two loins for me today, and I left for lunch feeling a bit dazed. Tomorrow we'll hit rounds and a chuck if we have the time. I've little doubt that I will be tired and sore.

Rumor also has it that there's a 400lb pig coming in (most I've worked with have been a little over the 200lb mark) which is prompting an early start for me. Seems the guys have decided to time my breaking on this one. Wish me luck.
The gentleman is always properly dressed

What the hell people

Between the clunky interface that throws ads at me whenever I try to log in, a home page that I don't believe is customizable and filled with useless crap, and an utter lack of control over spam accounts that seem to respond to everything I post, I am rapidly losing patience with LJ.