April 1st, 2011

The gentleman is always properly dressed

Cooking with a Butcher's Apprentice, Part VII - Not My Grandmother's Liver and Onions

...but frighteningly close.

Normally liver is cut to order and as a result not quite so readily available in the shop as, say, sausages or steak. The opportunity for this arose when the instruction, "cut this up" was understood by one of the hands to mean not "into 1/2" slices," but "into a bizarre assortment of irregular sized and shaped pieces." I jumped on it, and was dubbed the staff's favorite cook and eater.

I didn't stray far with this, but I promise the results were delicious.

You will need per person served:

A sense of nostalgia, adventure, or both
1/2" slice of calf's liver
1 onion, sliced fine
1-2 slices of thick cut bacon
Salt and pepper
Olive oil or butter

  • Cook the onions on low heat until they soften. When cooked through, bring the heat up to brown them slightly.
  • Meanwhile, use a second pan to brown the bacon over low heat. Wish that you had some ventrèche you made instead. That's what I used, and it was brilliant.
  • When the bacon is finished, remove it from the pan, turn up the heat, and brown both sides of your pristine slice of liver in the rendered bacon fat. 2-3 minutes per side should do, more if you prefer it less pink and more grainy. Season with salt and pepper as it's browning.
  • Be thankful your liver doesn't look like a set of polyhedral dice.
  • Stack on a plate with some lightly dressed greens and mashed potatoes.