Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Pimp my ride, I dare you

I was thinking that while I'm here in the provinces, I would take advantage of the opportunity to have my beat up well loved ride gone over. The verdict was not encouraging. While I can now properly latch my hood and surprise my fellow Massachusettsians with [*gasp*] turn signals, most of the more tragic mechanical problems remain untended. I need not one, but two new mufflers, my shocks and struts are shot or going, and there's a very real possibility that my clutch will go within the year. Not even taking into account the rust that's making it look a lot like a Russian tramp steamer, I'm probably looking at $1600.00 in repairs.

Incidentally, rust and corrosion are related to most of my problems. The car has seen a few too many New England winters and the parts are wearing down in response. Now, I've got the unenviable choice of spending money I don't have to keep this car going until it inevitably fails again, or spending money I don't have to buy a brand new ride.

In other news, this was my contribution to 7shots this week. Enjoy.

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