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My so-called weekend

Friday night, I met uruz and Drew at Boston Beer Works for dinner before they headed off to see Episode II. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a ticket to the show, so I made them promise to blow raspberries at the dreaded ass-beasts of Naboo and to shout "Kick his ass, Yoda!" at an appropriate moment. I later learned that neither happened, though Drew did make up for it some with his query about why the Gungans hadn’t used the ass-beasts in their army along with all the other lame fauna native to Naboo. Between the primitive frog-people, the dreaded ass-beasts, and a governmental body that seems to do nothing except wring its hands and cry "Oh!" in response to every crisis, it’s no wonder that Palpatine went bad. I think I would have wanted to become a dark evil overlord, too.

Saturday was intended as a day of work, but very little happened. I managed to do laundry and dishes, but motivation failed there and I ended up wandering around trying to do errands or tinkering with Europa Univeralis most of the day. The big question remains – why is micro-management of an electron-based world empire more satisfying than micro-management of one’s own existence? Is it merely the elaborate system of input/reward, or is there something even more insidious involved? The next big question is why some of the Sith (Vader, Sidious) have names that make words when prefaced with "in-" and others (Maul) do not.

Sunday began as most Sundays do... Paul called to wake me up too early. After we talked for a while, we decided on Rebecca’s for breakfast and dealt with the new Somerville gentry there while waiting for a table. I nearly lost my temper with a woman who outright accused me of line jumping even though I watched her pull up in her Audi with hubby and friends. Nothing like false entitlement.

Paul talked me out of doing all of the things that I needed to do in favor of playing Rings with Drew and going to check out Dogtown and the Z-Boys, a documentary by Stacy Peralta about the growth of skateboarding in Venice/POP, CA in the 1970’s. The film was actually pretty entertaining, though I think I focused more on the culture of youth and rebellion depicted as well as the native athleticism demonstrated than on the skateboard phenomenon itself. Though I’ve never skated I think I enjoyed it more than my cohort.

After the film, we went to Redbones to play drunken carnivores, and then back to Paul's place to watch Planet of the Apes. The evening ended with a conversation about the nature of addiction, and whether our shared obsession with gaming (not to mention my odd relationship with food) was really any different than a drug addiction. It was a little weird, but good to have some of my thoughts reflected. Home to bed, and then the workday began.

Once again the pendulum swings.

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