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Oooo's the doggie?

This evening, Tinkles started an outright brawl with Scooter over a woobie. (Yes, I really did just write that.) Despite all the nipping and noise, we managed to separate them and they seemed ok. The going theory is that the whole thing happened because Tinkles really needed to find some tall grass, if you take my meaning. 'Cause when we took a walk shortly thereafter, his skills were profound.

The weirdness didn't stop there, though. Later, I was petting Scooter, like you do, and he managed to back himself up between my legs. When his but hit the edge of the chair, he started grinding himself against it in a most obscene fashion and would not stop. Clay says he wished that he had a vidcam, but I'm actually pretty happy that the episode wasn't kept for posterity. I was laughing too hard to do anything other than, well, laugh, and I can live without a Peter really loves dogs video floating around on the internets.

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