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Partly through forgetfulness and partly because of laziness, I managed to miss a bizarre evening of Misfits covers and drunken trivia. Both options were fueled by cheap PBR. Not that cheap PBR is all that rare, it just seemed worth mentioning since the cheap PBR was presented as a selling point to both evenings.

Large terra cotta pots seem to be a little harder to find. The biggest I found was 14.5" - big enough for the same grate that fits in the Smokey Joe. Based on what I've found so far, this means that for about the same outlay as one of the torpedo-shaped charcoal water smokers, I could put together a homemade electric terra cotta smoker1 with a little more than half of the cooking area and no access to the wood chips through the side of the device. I'm guessing it would be easier to control the heat in the homemade rig, but still... Mass production does have its allure. For instance, I may get a Smokey Joe just to have a greel.

On the other hand, I've still not ordered a cell. Honestly, I've been waffling over a carrier. The Cingular deal I was looking at was pretty sweet2, but I got so many mixed reviews about their coverage and service that it gave me pause. I went back to the Verizon store to check out their phones3 last night, and today I got reminded that my role as a minion of the State does entitle me to a 15% discount on all Verizon plans priced $35.00 or more. I'm waiting to hear back from their rep now.

Also, I just posted my submission for the week to 7shots. Enjoy.
#11: Study In Redundancy II4.

1Even though it took some time and extraordinary measures to get it going, I really enjoyed Drew's cardboard box experiment and the resulting salmon tasty. As is my wont, I've become fascinated with process and really want to do it again.
2It comes with a free Razr.
4You knew that there had to be more than one, right?

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