Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

The power of tasty

I am quite pleased that I'm gaining proficiency in the crafting of (basic) cheese. Even more so that I'm able to trade cheese for things like pie. I now have a key lime pie AND a touch of fromage blanc at my house. That, quite simply, rules.

The Sputnik grill is already proving to be a sound investment. I'm not sure I can yet claim 'cue fu, but there's been enough tasty coming away from the firepit that dinner has been extremely satisfying. So far, I've made obeisance to National Sausage Month (even though that's technically October), made some not-quite-spicy-enough jerk chicken (I'm so doubling the scotch bonnets for the next go), and fired some peaches, pineapple, and plantain as enders. I've got my eye on a tuna steak for tonight.

Now, if I could just get up the motivation to bottle some beer.

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