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It was hard, but I managed to suppress the urge to call Casa del Boozerator last night to shout "NERDS!" at all y'all. Granted, it's not a genuine sentiment, but I was feeling "ronery" for having to recuse myself from the beery spoilerage. Instead, I went food shopping briefly, discovering that Whole Foods carries poblano peppers.1 Later, I grilled up the tuna steak2 that's been calling to me along with the extra plantain that Pete left behind on Monday. So really, deliciousness trumped company. After eating, I sat on my porch reading3 while the coals in the grill faded with the light of the sun.

In other telecommunications news, I placed an order for a phone. I was on the internets for an inordinately long time doing research, but in the end I finally chose to go with my original idea4, fear of the unknown inadequate coverage be damned. ETA is sometime before noon on Monday. That said, I'll be needing your contact information. Please be so kind as to give me your name, addy, and phone #(s)? I promise not to drunk dial too often. Really.

The 4-1-1:

Speaking of polls, this morning I dreamt that mittenstein posted a leading poll about snooze button abuse, which I thought very funny but it did absolutely nothing to get me out of bed sooner.

1This pleases me greatly, and has set in motion a plan to craft chiles rellenos with cheese of my own making.
2I used a simple rub made with 2 parts freshly ground black pepper to 1 part coarse sea salt, the "little black dress" of dry rubs.
3No, not that. THIS.
4Motorolla RAZR V3, which was free (after rebate) with a 2yr Cingular contract. Looks as though the rebate will take 4-6 months to get to me. Still, I won't have to deal with bad marketing pitches, and when it arrives, it will be like being suddenly flush with cash unexpectedly.

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