Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Want is a four letter word

I took some shots this morning at great personal risk1 thinking that at least one of them would make it onto 7shots today. Unfortunately, I managed to leave my camera's uplink cable2 attached to one of my spanky new USB 2.0 ports at home. This means that I won't be able to share the interesting shadowing I saw on an otherwise completely unremarkable structure3 before this evening at the very earliest. Bugger and hell.

'Course, it's not like the delay will be terribly noticed. Posting in the community remains limited and sporadic, and that in mind I've been reevaluating my original reluctance to assume responsibility for one of the days. I've a terrible perfectionist streak, but I've managed to get images up pretty consistently, even if doing so involved a great deal of agonizing over shots I was not entirely happy with. In some ways, it's been good to have the artificial deadline which forces me to actually get out and shoot just to have something to work with. I guess all of this is by way of saying that in the four months of my involvement, I've taken the community very seriously, and it's a little disappointing to see that others don't seem to. Coming in with a post after weeks away to say something like, "I totally forgot about this community..." makes me think that maybe it's time you step aside for someone who won't.

I suppose I really should take a much more zen approach.

On the other hand, I censor myself way too much as it is. The tendency is so pervasive that my stoicism has often been mistaken for complacency or worse, disinterest. Trying to keep everyone happy at appreciable cost to my own happiness and sanity has gotten old. No statement of purpose here... change is a subtle progressive thing for me. This is just a grand "fuck it" because I want to see genuine activity in the community by people who care about the project as much as I do.

1This is assuming that you'll accept that a pinch-faced bank manager chasing me down with "Sir? Sir? Is there a reason why you're taking pictures of the bank?" as great personal risk. I was very close to telling her that I was planning a heist as ambitious as the one in The Italian Job, but opted instead to show her the pics I took.
2Really, I have no idea what it's called so I'm making shit up.
3Citizen's took down a block dating from the 19th Century to put up a utilitarian single-story with a car park in the mid-90's. I'm still a little sore over this.

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