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It takes courage to enjoy it

This morning, I discovered that the brie I picked up over the weekend has mushrooms in it. Admittedly, I knew that there was something embedded in the cheese, but when I was shopping I had assumed that they were herbs. I stood there, refrigerator door open, staring at the package and trying to wrap my mind around just exactly what I was in for. I had no idea. I’ve had herbs, chives, and wine accent cheeses I’ve tasted. I’ve gone so far as a chevre that had been rolled in ash, which gave it a delicate, smoky flavor. I just couldn’t grok mushrooms in brie. It just seemed like they’d both be too mild to make any sort of difference.

So I had a piece, straight off the knife, free from the interference of a cracker and unadulterated by the presence of fruit.

It was so bitter that I recoiled. No kidding. My initial reaction was not much different than Tom Hanks tasting caviar in Big. I don’t know if it was because of my expectation or if I got a bad patch of rind, but the flavor just seemed overwhelming. Fortunately, I didn’t do the whole routine with the napkin and all because after the shock faded, I was blessed with the most sublime flavor I’ve ever had from a cheese. I had another hunk, and another, and found that it only grew more appealing. In a matter of seconds I had gone from wondering if I was eating styrofoam packaging to feeling vaguely euphoric at a new discovery.

So anyway, the brie made it into the sandwich I was making, and proved the perfect compliment to the turkey I had on hand. It was bold enough to add flavor, but subtle enough not to overwhelm the meat. With the addition of some Boston lettuce and a few slices of surprisingly good tomato, I had a lunch for the ages.

Yes, little things amuse me.

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