Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

When the cure doesn't

As it turns out, I'm probably allergic to penicillin. I know this because I have been King Itchy for the past week, and the docs think that the most likely culprit was the amoxycillin I was on for to clear out the respiratory infection that took August from me. I consider it an experiment in medieval living. Without the fleas. Or the plague.

At any rate, I'm entering my second week of the reaction and am None Too PleasedTM, especially since it's beginning to interfere with my ability to focus on Things That Need Be DoneTM. I'm also catastophizing a little, which is unsurprising since I've been otherwise a little distressed this week. I probably won't be scritching for the rest of my life, but that realization hasn't stopped me from wondering what that would be like.

I'll spare you the real doomsday scenarios I've considered. Suffice to say that webmd is an evil, evil place.

In other news, thanks to Jeremy, I now know about this. Isn't that weird?

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