Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Oh, you were wondering how I am?

I’ve started tackling the project that will turn my office into a viable workspace. So far, that has involved stripping the electronics out, throwing away two bags' worth of paper and cardboard, sweeping and mopping the linoleum that is easily my mom’s age, and trying to get the house library in some sort of working order. Still to come is sorting through my old financial records and trying to figure out how to tell the roomie that his sentimental connection to the desk of his childhood is making the already cramped room cluttered. I’d like to get a proper workstation with a drop keyboard and all, but that’s going to be at some later stage when I actually have free cash. (That would be sometime after Mars has been colonized unless I can find something really cheap.)

The attorney I’ve been working with left the firm effective Friday, and I believe has left the state altogether. A number of loose ends were left, which supposedly are being picked up by the other attorney with whom I have history. She’s scheduled to leave for parts unknown by the end of June as well, so hopefully, I can get through this latest production of the théatre d’absurd before she leaves. One way or another, the course of the next several years will be decided for me before month’s end.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with P&B. They’ve been good enough to let me run the gamut of emotions while I’m around. Better still, they’ve been feeding me from time to time. M has decidedly reached "adorable baby" stage, and seems to be strangely delighted with the games I play with him. His favorite is still the "boxing" game, in which I face him and throw slow mock punches accompanied by cartoon fight noises ("Bap" and "Pow" are my best current arsenal.) I don’t know if it’s the sound, the motion, or just the goofy look on my face, but he giggles uncontrollably while I do it. ‘Course, he also really enjoys people walking in a crouch, hanging upside-down, and B's singing, so there’s really no accounting for it.

Truth be known, I'm incredibly sad.

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