Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows


Am I remiss for not mentioning that I ran into the Elder DiPesa and Mr. Cohen at the Ice Cream Parlor Formerly Known As L.I.C. after having ordered a frappe made with the unlikely white coffee ice cream? It was only for a few minutes, and I nearly didn't recognize Steve on the first go. We talked of many things, including the Death Looms With a Chef's Knife story. Oh, and Jen? I spoiled your Dooshbag [sic] Philistine story. I apologize... it just sort of rolled out. Heck, I may as well have been drunk for how chatty I was. It's completely out of character. Kind of.

I've new stuff up on 7shots and ghost_signs:

#17 - Hot Sauce on the Upswing
#18 - Shadow Lacing
#19 - Wings
The Hidden

Do have a look if you're interested. 7shots will likely get another pic today, and I'll be editing this with a pointer.

One final thing before I get on with my morning... What the hell is up with Achewood this week?? It's hurting my brain.

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