Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows


The spirits rode me hard this weekend. I'm still trying to piece together how I ended up feeling worse after a day at Oktoberfest with very little beer than I did after a night at Oktoberfest with far too much. My guess rests somewhere between lingering effects of bizarre dreamage, the physical demands of tending taps for eleven hours, and not getting nearly enough fluids. Yesterday, I managed laundry and a visit to Second Circle, but otherwise zoned out in front of GiTS: Standalone Complex episodes or slept.

I'm still shaken by the dreams of Saturday morning which involved various attempts to escape from the rituals of a pervasive sex-magic cult. On some level, the idea doesn't sound so bad, except that the practice caused most of the women I was with to become deformed - often with club feet or legs replaced entirely by growths of ivy - and brainwashed. Pretty much everything I tried to guide the dream elsewhere just led back to this, to the point where I just started feeling like I was trapped and was making things far worse for not surrendering to it.

So um, yeah. Happy Monday, everyone.

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