Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Critical eye

Drew pointed me in the direction of The Everyman Photo Contest, and I've convinced myself that submissions are a good idea. Since it's not entirely impossible that I scare myself into inaction, I'm assembling pics to send before the weekend. I'm limited to exactly two submissions (thanks dellaluna ^_^), which is where you good folk come in. If you could have a look and help me choose what to send off, if I should send it off, etc. If you remember something else you think should be here instead, tell me that, too.

1) Black & White: I honestly don't think I've got anything for this category short of desaturating something, which may be outside of the submissions mandate.

2) Landscape/Nature

3) People/Portrait

4) Travel/Architecture

5) Macro/Abstract: Mixed feeling here. I've got this, but otherwise not a whole lot to play with.

6) From the Attic: Again, not sure if I've anything that fits. Most of the family's old photos are kept by my grandmother, and they've some terribly interesting images.

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