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When I got up this morning I made a point of remedying our lack of Tivo season passes for Iron Chef and Good Eats. Somehow, I had managed to request the entirety of the Mad Max trilogy1, Tokyo Godfathers, and an Avengers marathon without having these cross my mind.

Before I went to bed this morning, I sat up and watched The Warriors. It was a hoot, but I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to see the mimes fighting. I mean the Baseball Furies were billywitchdoctordotcom funny, but a street gang composed entirely of mimes? Pure comic genius. Incidentally, this was my first instance of cable abuse2 since it arrived. Yes, it took less than a week, and I am very tired for it.

As I was driving home last night, I was wondering why I seem to have such difficulty connecting with people. Or maybe I was wondering when I could stop feeling so awkward. Really, I was just in a funk for being lonely3 and finding reasons to beat on myself. Go me.

Visiting Second Circle yesterday evening was entertaining as always, and it gave the opportunity to share some of the remaining apple-wit and kölsch with the good people there. I also brought some of the last of the contraband livarot4 that iterum smuggled into Medford all the way from Normandy. (For the record, he is a prince amongst men, and it is regrettable that I've not said so before.) Incidentally, "wronger"? It's a word in this crazy, mixed-up world we live in.

1A couple of years ago, delirious with pneumonia, I came up with a strange philosophical structure based around the films. It made a great deal of sense to my fevered brain, but I promptly forgot all of it. I've been curious as to what I was thinking, even though I probably should be thankful that it's gone.
2This assumes, of course, that you don't think that programming the entirety of the Mad Max trilogy, Tokyo Godfathers, and an Avengers marathon to record doesn't constitute cable abuse in and of itself.
4Based on the others I've had, I think it's a bit past its prime, but still incredibly tasty.

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