Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Happy new year.

I dropped Zoe off at the shop this morning at the prompting of an idiot light that blinked on after Sunday's Rasputina show at the Middle East. By the time I made the appointment yesterday, the light had blinked off again. It will be $95 to see what the fuss is about, and another $170 or so for scheduled maintenance that I've been putting off. I'll be a little less amused if the indicator came on solely to let me know it was time for maintenance, but it'd be nice if I could avoid still more costs for an infestation of capricious bogeys or some other arcane problem. Baby needs a new set of tires, too.

Regardless of the outcome of today's diagnostics, I'm having a better car week than Pete, whose ride decided to start spewing transmission fluid sometime Sunday night. "Spewing" is the technical term that his mechanic used to describe what happened as they tested the vehicle. Delightful, no?

While at the Rasputina show, I might have suggested that indie rock boys use their chain wallets to hold their pants up. You might think that the weight would contribute to their downfall1, but really once the hardware is grafted onto their hipbone and the connecting bolt is in place, the loose end of the chain serves nicely as a kind of asymmetric trouser suspension system. The presence of such a serious body modification proves once again that I'm just not willing to go to the necessary lengths to be that cool. I mean, seriously.

One other observation that is perhaps not quite so frivolous - When she's playing cello2, Melora Creager looks remarkably like a "Madonna and Child" painting I recall seeing somewhere in my travels. This isn't it3, but it does give some idea of what I'm talking about. I took a strange delight in the implied quietude of the expression. I'm guessing that it's at least in part calculated, but it kept me well fascinated throughout the show.

I'm calm today, perhaps from crossing worlds.

2Not while she's singing... just while she's playing.
3This is, in fact, a detail of Madonna and Child with John the Baptist by William Bougereau (1882).

ETA: I just got word that the check engine light was a very minor emissions sensor problem that's covered by warranty. I'm already loving the new(-ish) car experience.

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