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I went agin’ common wisdom and made petits choux farcis last night. To be fair to you folk, I did make some tarragon chicken salad yesterday, but it was basically just about right for a single serving and delicious enough that it didn’t make it past lunchtime. Considering that there were a couple of meals had off the bird and then there were two distinct dishes created from the remains, I think I can declare the roast a success.

Last night’s adventure was a joint effort, too. Yoon was good enough to pull the bird apart, helped keep ahead of dishes, and otherwise offered an extra set of hands whenever asked. I occasionally forget how much easier a second person can make things. For my part, I answered questions about my weird nomenclature, speculated about the universal nature of things stuffed in other things, and may have mentioned that farce derived from the French farci ("stuffed") since they were skits that were crammed in between more important parts of the play. You go with what you know.

We didn’t make soup, nor did we cook the bones down further for stock. What we did do, also against common wisdom, was heat the existing soup and cooked it good. There were no off flavors or weird textures, so right now we’re calling it a successful recovery. Yeah, it might seem a little crazy, but remember, I’m willing to go through with crafting the infamous "cock ale" before the Year of the Cock is up (which means that I need to get crackin’).

Pumpkin bread & pie and freezing tonight if I have enough time. Thursday, otherwise. After the first of the year, I’ll see if I can’t convince Joe to come over with canning stuff to make the jam.

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