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I remember this:

I am late to present a lecture on early Hindu mysticism, and am rushing across campus to the amphitheater where I am to be presenting. As I near the forum, I see everyone leaving. I pass by friends, family, my professors, other students, trying to convince them not to go, but none of them will speak to me. Finally, I see a young Indian woman I remember from my Hindu Scripture class with Father Clooney. She walks straight towards me, staring at me with huge, unblinking eyes. She stops about ten paces away from me and says in a voice that is so beautiful that its sound is painful, "You have angered the Gods."

My heart breaks.

There is a pause as everything around us melts away. She finally blinks and looks away. I can feel her disappointment as she turns and begins to walk away slowly. In the space where she was, Shiva stands, looking angry and loving and unmoved all at once. I fall to my knees and feel myself burning. I cry out in anguish. I am angry. I am ashamed. I want to begin again.

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