Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Sun-shine, lollipops and...

So, I managed to track down some of B&J's Black & Tan. It had to be done really. Once 'mama suggested it, the idea ate away at me until it transformed itself into a craving, and the craving to a hunger. You know how it is.

Acquiring it wasn't too terribly difficult. It's still being sold at one of the colossal-giant-super-megamart's not far from my house, and I'm kind of hoping that it makes it out of the "new" phase and actually becomes a flavor in regular circulation. Since this is largely dictated by the whims of a population who may actually enjoy the colossal-giant-super-megamart experience, I'm starting to think that I might remember that thing about wishes and horses.

I don't like the colossal-giant-super-megamart experience. In fact, while I was shopping, all I could think of was just how depersonalized and depressing the vast space was. This was only amplified by the fact that the store was filled with mostly uninteresting food items. The Produce Department was the size of my house and there were two (count 'em!) varieties of onions there - the yellow onion and the very exotic white onion. Eleven different kinds of gingerale (Ok, seriously, eleven? Since they're so stupidly easy to make, it makes me angry every time I think about there even being a soft-drink industry...), and exactly one aisle devoted to "international foods" consisting mostly of Old El Paso products and soul food favorites like collard greens and candied yams.

Don't even get me started about the stupid little plastic tabs you have to carry to take advantage of their "sales."

Woo, that was fun.

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