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Experimental Space?

I walked into the Someday Cafe this afternoon to find them playing Björk's Vespertine instead of their usual reggae-heavy fare, and got a quick reminder of why I tend not to listen to that cd while I'm driving or operating heavy machinery. I was standing in line when "Pagan Poetry" came on, and in short measure I was lost in the music. Like some sort of Pavlovian response, my eyes closed slighty, my head tilted and I fell into the sweep of her voice. Even the very cute, bike courier-looking server who was looking to take my order couldn't break my attention without saying, "Can I help you?" two or three times. I would have been embarrassed had I not been in some sort of ecstatic trance. I just smiled and asked for a latté.

I had gone down to hang out with Sonya and her fiance. Originally the plan had been to wander around Davis to check out the art on display in windows around the Square. So- is heading Art AWOL, and is looking for artists and other interested parties for the project. While we ended up talking at length about what she's doing and in particular the interesting journey that her recruitment efforts have been, we didn't budge from our seats. Best laid plans and all.

We were pretty much able to pick up where we had left off a year and a half ago, which I'll confess was kind of nice. I've burned a lot of bridges over the past couple of years, and only some by design. I like knowing that some of the damage isn't entirely irreparable.

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